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KoloPay helps you easily save little by little towards your goals and you get up to 6% interest.
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Our Goals help you save money as you save towards your goals
How It Works

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Step 1

Step 2
Create either an easysave(save any amount anytime you want) goal or an autosave(save a certain amount daily,weekly or monthly) goal.

Step 3
Start Saving.

Step 4
Withdraw your saved money once your goal amount is reached or when your end date is reached

Awesome Features On KoloPay

Amazing Features

With kolopay you can achieve alot of your life goals.
6% Interest Per Annum
All our users who save with us for more than a month are entitled to a 6% interest per annum on the amount of money saved .
You don't need to always open the application to save. Use AUTOSAVE to save any amount daily,weekly or monthly.
You can choose to save any amount anytime you want to save.
Multiple Goals
Save towards multiple goals with the KoloPay mobile app.
Invite people to contribute(KoloShare)
Share your easysave or autosave goal with family and friends to help you contribute money towards your goal faster.

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“It's really simple to use and very flexible.i can start my savings now! ”
Given NjokuLagos, Nigeria
“Just started using the app and i couldn't believe i could save this much this fast”.
Miss Wande OyewoleLagos, Nigeria
I love your product. Its Awesome.
Aituaz Kola OladejoNIBBS, Lagos
“Saving up for my new laptop just made easier.. This app is 100% lit ”
Akin Olu Lagos, Nigeria


With kolopay you should be rest assured that we are here for you.
What is KoloPay?
KoloPay is a mobile and web application that helps you save money towards planned goals over a period of time and achieve them at amazing discounts. We offer the best prices on products and services. Our savings platform aims to help you achieve your goals especially when you can’t afford an outright purchase. KoloPay is a product of MYKOLO-TECH INNOVATIONS LIMITED with RC 1421923
How do I start saving?
How it works
• Sign up and Login on or download KoloPay App on Play Store
• Create and name your first GOAL ( car, honeymoon, Smart TV, generator, Dubai Flight, Rent, School fees etc) using EASYSAVE or AUTOSAVE
• EASYSAVE helps you save any amount at any time
• AUTOSAVE helps you save a fixed amount daily, weekly or month
How Do I Save With EasySave?

For EASYSAVE • Enter your goal name and goal amount ( Cash value of your desired goal)
• Choose your saving timeline by selecting an end date
• Select LOCK goal to help you stick to your savings plan and to enjoy a 6% annual interest on your savings
• Enter your ATM card details of the desired bank account you wish to save from.
• Start saving.

How Do I Save With AutoSave?
• Enter goal name and amount you desire to save daily, weekly or monthly
• Select frequency of savings (Daily, weekly or monthly)
• Select LOCK goal to help you stick to your saving plan and to enjoy 6% annual interest
• Select saving End date
• Verify your ATM Card (Enter your ATM card details for verification)
• Your saving will automatically start after successful verification
Can I withdraw my money before my due date in case of an emergency?
We encourage staying true to your savings plans, however in case you have to withdraw your money before set date, you lose 5% of your savings.
How secured is the platform?
Your privacy and security are a top priority. KoloPay does not save your bank credentials. Your personal information is encrypted and transactions are securely processed.
How much does KoloPay charge?
KoloPay is totally free. No charges and no hidden charges.
Is my money safe?
Yes, your money is safe and secured as our partner bank, VFD MICROFINANCE BANK, who is insured by the NDIC - Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, holds all the funds in your KoloPay account.
What if I don’t meet my goal at the set time?
You don’t get penalized for not meeting your goal, you will receive all your savings if you intend to disburse to your account only on or after the due date.
How do I buy my goal from KoloPay?
The disburse tab offers two options, you can either disburse to your bank account or disburse to buy a product or service. Select disburse to buy item in order to enjoy amazing discounts on the goal you have saved towards from our partners. Confirmation codes will be sent to you to redeem your goal from our partners. However, discounts from our partners will be displayed under KoloPay deals..
What is the Lock Savings?
The Lock Savings feature enables you to lock your savings towards a particular goal for the duration of time set. This means you can’t withdraw or disburse to buy until the due date. This is to help you maintain the discipline to stick to your saving plan.
Can I lock all my savings(goals)?
Yes you can. This means you can only activate the disburse button for all your goals at the due dates only.

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