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Price: 28,500 Naira

Smart changeover automatically switch between NEPA and GEN and turns OFF the GEN automatically. 

Suitable for 4 bedroom flat and below (With up to four (4) 1.5hp A/C and four (4) water heater.

1.      It changes over power supply from Generator to NEPA (public power) and vice versa.

2.      It turns OFF the Generator automatically when NEPA power is restored.

3.      It starts Generator automatically when NEPA power fails.

4.      Non-interruption of power during changeover.

5.      Works for all class of Generators and Plants.

6.      You can start or turn off the Generator from anywhere.

7.      Manual mode to keep the output on Generator even when NEPA power is restored.

8.      Surge protection to protect electrical appliances.

9.      3 years warranty, 24/7 after sales support.

10.  Pre programmed delay in switching between Generator and NEPA to protect Generator and equipments.